Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

admin June 23, 2021

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

The G-Central Top 10 is a ranking of the greatest G-Shock watches available in 2021. Features, style, value, and popularity are among our ranking factors. This list is always changing and being updated to cover the most recent G-Shock releases. We’ve selected a wide range of G-Shock models to help you choose the perfect watch.

Why Should You Purchase A G-Shock Watch?

Casio G-Shock watches are widely considered the world’s toughest watches, and each G-Shock model is built to withstand levels of abuse that would break and render most other watches worthless. G-Shock watches have raised bezels that provide great impact protection, and their 200-meter water resistance means they can be utilised for any activity in any environment. So these are the top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021


The quartz movement in a G-Shock is extremely exact, and some versions come with automated time syncing capabilities that ensure everyday precision. The stopwatch and timer are basic tools that are useful in everyday life, while more advanced features are available for certain outdoor activities. G-Shock watches are generally low-maintenance and can be relied on to work as intended.

G-Shock watches are not only very sturdy and utilitarian, but they also have a fashionably rough design that no other brand can equal. Aside from creating practical tool watches, G-Shock has grown into a well-known streetwear fashion label with a wide range of unusual timepieces.

G-Shock features include shock resistance and water resistance to 200 metres in all current G-Shock watches. A daily or multiple alarms, global time, EL backlight or LED light, stopwatch, countdown timer, customizable hourly time signal, auto calendar, button tone on/off, and 12/24 hour time format are all standard features on most G-Shocks. Multiple alarms, world time, button tone on/off, and auto light activation are all missing from the most basic and cheapest models and the top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021.

Since tough Solar power (rechargeable by the sun and fluorescent lights) and Multi-Band 6 (automatic time adjustment by radio wave reception, a.k.a. “Wave Ceptor” or “Radio Controlled”) are two further handy features found on some G-Shocks. However the Triple Sensor, which includes a pressure sensor (altimeter-barometer), compass, and temperature, is included on some high-end G-Shock watches.

The Bluetooth smartphone link, which allows the watch to sync the time through the internet, is becoming more prevalent in mid-range and high-end models. Since our G-Shock glossary for a complete list of features.

However, many other outstanding models were left off of our Top 10 list. There isn’t such a thing as a terrible G-Shock; it’s all a matter of personal preference. See our Beginner’s Guide to G-Shock Watches for more information on the whole line of G-Shock watches. See all of our G-Shock Buying Guides for more options, including Basic G-Shock Watches Under $50 for the most economical options.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

1. Analog-Digital G-Shock GA-900 With Long-Life Battery

The GA-900 holds the record for having the longest estimated battery life of any non-solar G-Shock with an analogue display (seven years). The design is influenced by industrial and construction equipment, and the yellow highlights on this GA-900-1A recall Caterpillar. It resembles a mini-Mudmaster with its decagonal bezel, conspicuous front screws, and bumpers. A front LED light button, 1/100 second stopwatch, 60-minute countdown timer, and 5 alarms are all included in the watch.

.Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

PROS: Non-solar analogue G-Shocks have the longest battery life.
CONS: A cluttered dial, no second LED light for the LCD, and no auto light

2. A G-Shock watch that is more formal and requires no maintenance.

The GST-B300SD-1A is the natural choice for those wanting a more formal-appearing G-Shock with a stainless steel bezel and band while staying within budget. This is the first G-STEEL with a front-facing LED light button, and the LCD is backlit, so the entire background is illuminated, unlike many other analogue-digital variants (like an EL backlight, but using an LED light). This solar-powered mid-size watch can also automatically alter the time through a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, allowing for maintenance-free operation.

.Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

A resin bezel and soft urethane bands are also available for the GST-B300 series.

Tough Solar, Bluetooth, and a front light button are all advantages.
CONS: There are no sensors.
IDEAL FOR: Work, social situations, and travel

3. G-Shock GBD-H1000 Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Smartwatch

The most advanced fitness smartwatch from G-Shock.

An optical heart rate monitor, step counter, pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass (with auto horizontal adjustment), and temperature are among the five sensors included in the G-Shock GBD-H1000. It also contains GPS, which is mostly used to track distance and speed. (It can also display a map of a path taken on the MOVE smartphone app, as well as your current GPS data.)

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

Serious runners will benefit from advanced fitness and however features such as V02 max calculation, training data analysis, and automatic training plan creation.
The MIP LCD on the GBD-H1000 is the greatest digital display currently available in a G-Shock. The watch also offers solar charging, but if you want to use anything other than the most basic timekeeping and step counting functions, you’ll need to use USB charging.

The GBD-H1000 also supports smartphone messaging notifications and vibration warnings, and it’s one of the few G-Shock watches that can sync the time with a GPS signal anywhere on the planet. The GBD-H1000 is one of the most technologically advanced G-Shock watches on the market.

PROS: GPS, solar charging, Bluetooth, vibration alerts, quad sensor
CONS: When compared to other huge G-Shocks, it’s quite large.
BEST FOR: Runners, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts

4. G-Shock DW-9052-1V (G-Shock DW-9052-1V) (G-Shock DW Military Watch with Digital Display

A military classic that is both inexpensive and reliable.
The DW-9052-1V is known as the “standard issue” G-Shock and is frequently seen on the wrists of military personnel all around the world. It’s one of the most affordable G-Shock watches, yet it’s just as durable as the more expensive models.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

The DW-9052-1V includes an extra-rugged housing with button protectors and a front EL lighting button that is conveniently accessible. The EL backlight lights the entire LCD panel with a blue/green tint for comfortable viewing in the dark for individuals who require outstanding visibility.

A stopwatch, countdown timer, and daily alarm are included in this basic model.
PROS: Low-cost, front-mounted EL backlight button
CONS: Not as fashionable as other G-Shocks.
MOST SUITABLE FOR: Military and extreme sports

5. G-Shock DW-5600E-1V Digital Classic Square Watch

The original G-Shock is still available as a low-cost model.
You can’t go wrong with the DW-5600E-1V if you’re merely looking for a “beater” watch for weekends and pleasure. It’s one of the most affordable G-Shock watches in the United States, and it’s frequently the lowest.

The fundamental features of the DW-5600E-1V include a 1/100-second stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, single alarm, and EL backlight with afterglow, which is based on the original “square” G-Shock design from 1983.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

There are a few things to remember about this basic model: it does not have global time and the button sound cannot be turned off.

PROS: Low cost, compact profile, and iconic casing
CONS: It only has the most basic functions.
BEST FOR: All-purpose

6. G-Shock MTG-B1000 Stainless Steel Analog Watch

The MTG-B1000 is the ideal combination of G-Shock toughness and modern stainless steel appearance. After getting larger and larger in the 2010s, it also initiated the trend of smaller analogue-digital G-Shock watches. Casio describes it as “mid-size,” but we think it’s more like a large size (when categorising G-Shocks as small, mid-size, large, and extra-large).

A sapphire crystal, Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automated radio time-sync, Bluetooth smartphone link, and Triple G Resist are among the innovative and premium features of the MTG-B1000 (for protection against shock, gravitational force, and heavy vibration). The MTG-B1000 can play a variety of roles and is at ease in a range of environments.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

The MTG-B1000 series comes in a variety of colours and with metallic bands.

However tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Bluetooth, sapphire crystal, and a modern design
CONS: At 125 grammes, it’s heavier than the ordinary G-Shock (with resin band)
IDEAL FOR: Work, social situations, and travel
Amazon has MTGB1000-1A, Reeds has MTGB1000-1A, and eBay has MTGB1000-1A.

7. G-Shock GA-700-1B Analog Watch (Extra-Large)

A huge analogue-digital model with a front light button and a 5-year battery life.

The GA-700 series debuted in late 2016 and is quickly establishing itself as a modern classic. It was the first G-Shock watch with a front-facing LED light button that was both inexpensive and functional. The approximate 5-year battery life, which is one of the best for a non-solar analogue G-Shock watch, is another notable feature. It also contains a target time alert and a dedicated one-press button to start the stopwatch from the timekeeping mode.

The GA-700 features a 3D index and huge analogue hands, as well as an extra-large robust case (53.4 millimetres wide, larger than a GA-100). World time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze alarm, and 12/24 hour format are all available on the face’s LCD.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

The basic black GA-700-1B is a best-seller, and the Utility Color Series, which you can see above, has various popular military-inspired colours.

PROS: Long battery life, LED light button on the front, big buttons
CONS: In low light, the reverse LCD may be difficult to view.
BEST FOR: Sports, outdoor activities, and general use

8. G-Shock GA-800-1A Analog-Digital Watch in Traditional Style

A mid-sized G-Shock with a three-handed analogue display and special stopwatch functions. The GA-800-1A is distinguished by a variety of features. It’s the only “mid-size” G-Shock (48.6 mm wide) with a third analogue hand for displaying the second time zone (a feature usually reserved for higher-end models). It’s also one of the few mid-size analogue G-Shocks with a convenient front-facing light button.

This watch also boasts a one-touch stopwatch button that switches the stopwatch from timekeeping mode to stopwatch mode instantly, as well as a 120-record lap time memory that includes the date and time. The GA-800-1A is a good choice for sports and training, but its uncomplicated design makes it perfect for anybody looking for a weekend watch.

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

The smaller size and three-handed design may appeal to first-time G-Shock buyers who want a more traditional aesthetic and are wary of the greater sizes of other G-Shock models.

PROS: Classic analogue design, one-button stopwatch start, lap time memory

CONS: No sun (approximate battery life of 3 years), no world time (but has dual time)
BEST FOR: Sports, training, and all-around use

9. G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-800 Training Watch 9. G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-800 Training Watch

However, G-Shock watch for running and fitness at an affordable price

The GBD-800 is a fitness watch that has Bluetooth mobile connectivity, a pedometer, and specific stopwatch and timer functions. The Step Tracker lets users establish a daily goal with a step goal progress display and a step count graph for the previous 11 hours, making it easier to get more active.

The stopwatch goal time (with 10 settable target times) and 200-record lap memory (including date and lap/split times) will help serious runners set new personal bests. The programmable timer can also be used for interval training (with 5 sets repeatable up to 10 times).

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

 The watch’s Bluetooth feature will be handy to those who want the most precise timekeeping, as the automatic time adjustment feature will sync the time through a smartphone four times per day. This is the cheapest G-Shock watch with Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s a mid-size G-Shock that’s ideal for both men and women.

The GBA-800 series is an analogue-digital variant of the G-SQUAD line, but those who expect to use the stopwatch and timer regularly should choose the GBD-800, which has a larger digital display.

PROS: Bluetooth mobile connectivity, a step counter, a specialised stopwatch and interval timer, and lap memory are just a few of the features.
CONS: No solar power; models with inverted LCDs are more difficult to read. BEST FOR: Running, walking, and fitness.

10. G-Shock GA-2000 with Carbon Core Guard is number ten.

With a new inexpensive model, G-Shock enters the carbon era.                                                                                                    The Carbon Core Guard structure is used in the G-Shock GA-2000 series, which is billed as G-“third Shock’s material” after resin and metal. Since the inside casing of the watch is comprised of fine resin reinforced with carbon fibre, resulting in a lighter and stronger design.

The upgraded shock-resistant frame gives the G-Shock a sleeker and smaller appearance than previous models. (The GA-2000 is slightly smaller and lighter than the GA-100, which is the most popular model.)

Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

For easy removal, the GA-2000 incorporates quick-release levers incorporated into the bands. Casio intends to sell a variety of bands separately, including cloth and Velcro bands, as well as 24-mm quick release bands from other manufacturers.

Lay-flat bands, guardless buttons, a dual-layer stainless steel and resin case back, and a handy front LED light buttons among the other unique features.

PROS: The bands are light, slender, and easily removable.
CONS: No auto light, no solar power, battery life of about 3 years

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Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021

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Top 10 G-shock watches available in 2021